What Makes Auric Gold 79 Hard Goods Shine?!

by Auric Gold 79 September 19, 2017

What Makes Auric Gold 79 Hard Goods Shine?!

Auric Gold 79 Luxury Hard Goods:

There are an overwhelming number of vaporization devices on the market, all promising to be of the highest quality. However, few companies put true work into the research and development of the hardware that they provide. Often times the same low quality generic designs from manufacturers are used and simply rebranded. Auric Gold has spent years perfecting every detail in our line of luxury accessories and continues to stay current on the newest scientific advances to provide a reliable and healthy vaporization experience. We tested every top of the line prototype available to find the most functional, high-end components of each model to incorporate into our current hardware. Let’s break down the key aspects that make Auric Gold stand out from the rest.  



Our cartridges are constructed of medical grade borosilicate Pyrex glass. Pyrex glass is a staple in laboratory settings due to its highly water resistant qualities and ability to withstand extreme high heat with minimum thermal expansion. In addition to its water and thermal tolerance, Pyrex has a high degree of resistance against acids, salt solutions and other caustic chemicals. Only quality, well thought out materials can achieve that clean and fresh flavor which is why we pair our Pyrex tanks with a wood grain mouthpiece. The wooden tip provides an organic taste and feel to the medication experience.      


One of the most important aspects of designing a vaporization device is the heating unit. Most widely available models use silica or another synthetic fiber wick to heat the oil directly. These wicks can greatly alter the flavor and often give off a familiar burnt taste. The oil falls down through the tank and only the oil that directly hits the coil is vaporized. This common design can cause an unnecessary loss of oil and create a buildup of wasted oil underneath the coil, thus shortening the lifespan of the device. Auric Gold’s luxury accessories utilize a cutting-edge and healthy alternative to this conventional type of heating unit. We use a wickless ceramic heating cell that acts as a cup encapsulating the oil to vaporize the concentrate rather than burning it. In addition to lengthening the lifetime of the device, this ceramic cell provides authentic taste and true healthy medication. With the omission of a coil or wick to pollute the flavor, you will only yield a clean and refreshing draw.

The majority of standard devices come equipped with mixed alloy metal terminals. Auric Gold uses only gold-plated terminals to ensure superior conductivity and longevity of the device. Gold is a precious metal that does not tarnish, unlike all other metals that develop a non-conductive oxide tarnish over time. This tarnish is not necessarily a problem in applications where high voltage is used, in wiring for instance. However, in low voltage devices it can interrupt the current flow as well as decrease the lifespan of the hardware.




Auric Gold’s 79 Hard Goods have decided to go with versatile slimline 420 mAh 510 thread battery. In an effort to incorporate the most advanced technology, our battery cores are sourced from the same company that supplies material for the iPhone. These top of the line batteries are also capable of variable voltage settings. This gives the user freedom to choose the desired flavor and temperature. There are three temperature settings and a preheat function available: low at 3.7 volts, medium at 3.9 volts and high at 4.1 volts. For the ideal flavorful and healthy clouds we recommend to use the medium setting at 3.9 volts. The 510 battery is sleek, light and convenient- the perfect choice for medicating throughout the day. All of our Vape Packs come with a USB charger making charging the battery quick and hassle free, no matter where the day may lead.



For optimal discretion and ease during travel, Auric Gold 79 Vape Packs come furnished with a stylish carrying case. This fashionable kit is covered with our popular “Don Print” design in black leather with gold metal borders. With a push of the metal tab the hard cover case pops open and closing is literally a snap. Our compact case securely holds the cartridge, battery and rapid USB charger in place when not in use; allowing the user to transport their medical device in privacy.



When the individual components of the hardware are dissected it is easy to see why Auric Gold luxury accessories are superior to the many generic models available. We have researched and repeatedly tested every cutting edge vaporization device to integrate only the very best aspect of each to component into our own line of hard goods. Through meticulous attention to detail, commitment to excellence and the use of only the highest quality materials, Auric Gold has assembled some of the most masterful vaporization experiences for concentrate lovers of all kinds. Our luxury devices are produced with medical grade Pyrex glass cartridges, a wickless and coil free ceramic heating cell, gold plated terminals for ideal conductivity and a 510 thread variable voltage battery. Try out Auric Gold’s hardware to taste and feel the difference of luxury for yourself!


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